How to pick and outfit that will make you look like a million dollars

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Were you always envious when it came to the perfect attires of your favorite celebrities? Do you wish to afford to look the same? Well, you can, in fact, look the same, but without having to spend a small fortune on designer clothes. You see, they don’t care how much they spend on their looks because they don’t have a problem with their budget. But you do, so you have to be smart when it comes to spending. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous at the same time.

• Forget about trends
The worst thing you could do to your budget is to invest in trendy items. You should know by now that trends don’t last for too long, so you will end up paying a considerable amount of money for something that risks going out of fashion in the next season. Instead, try investing in quality items that have classic lines, a timeless look and are in neutral colors. The best part about having neutral colors is that they can easily match, so you have endless possibilities of creating an outfit different every day, looking like a star, and keep your spending within reasonable boundaries.

• Use accessories to reinvent your clothes
You need to have some accessories that can match at least a good number of clothing items you have in your wardrobe. A scarf, necklace, or belt, they can all bring a fresh touch to your outfit and make you look dazzling, without spending more money on more clothes. So in case you want to buy another dress, how about spending less on an accessory that will make that dress shine again, plus some other clothes as well.

• Always go shopping in the clearance season
It may be awkward to buy sandals when autumn is approaching or getting a new summer dress in the middle of the winter, but this is how the good prices can be found. If you want a new pair of boots or superior quality, you will find it in spring, when shops start clearing their stocks. So the best time to invest in items that are usually expensive is to grab them when the season ends.
• Do slight changes to your clothes yourself
Yes, that’s right, you can take an old dress, which you consider boring, and make it look brand new. There are many DIY videos you can enjoy on the Internet, about how you can reinvent your wardrobe. It is cheaper to invest in beading, lace, or other materials that can help bring a piece of clothing back to life than buying a new one.

• Flatter your style and not the trends
If you wear something that suits your personality, making you feel confident and giving you a positive attitude, you will look like a million dollars. You don’t need to follow the trends, or try to be intensive when it comes to brands or fashion. Just find those clothes that suit you, make feel comfortable and feminine, and are of high quality. You may be surprised how many celebrities wear the same clothing pieces for years in a row.

• Forget about brands and be more careful about your posture
You don’t need to flash around brands because a cared for appearance, shoes that shine, fit clothes that match and suit your personality, will make more than a tag on your clothes. So make your hair look good, pamper your skin and make your face look at its best, have your shoes polished and make sure your clothes fit exceptionally, even if that means to take a trip to the tailor’s shop.

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